Citavi 5.6 released

Peter Meurer shared this announcement 6 months ago

New or Improved Features

  • Improved search for a task’s status. It’s now possible to use the greater than and less than operators, for example Status >= Started.
  • Improved search for references within or underneath a category. Previously, if you wanted to search for all references in category 4 you would have had to enter "rc: >= 4 AND rc: < 5". Now you can use the plus sign instead. The search query "rc: 4+" will find all references within category 4 and underneath it. The search query "rc: 4++" will find all references underneath category 4 (i.e. 4.1, 4.2, etc.).

Resolved Bugs

  • Citavi could not be started on computers running Windows 7 if a Windows Update installed the .NET Framework 4.7. (Error message: Could not load type 'ProcessDpiAwareness' from assembly).
  • When importing a RIS file using the Reference Manager (via RIS-Export) filter, Citavi would not recognize institutions in the author field even when they were correctly designated with an equal sign (=).
  • The RefWorks import (via RIS) had four incorrect field mappings.
  • Umlauts in author names that were added with were not displayed properly.
  • Under certain circumstances importing a category system could lead to the creation of category names that were too long to be displayed in the category tree (GDI+ error message).
  • The ENW/RIS import from Springerlink was not correct (Spinger inserted unnecessary spaces in the title).
  • Citavi did not remember the setting Don’t show this message again for the message displayed when changing the reference type of multiple references at once.
  • The heading for a grouped bibliography appeared if a reference was copied to the Clipboard using CTRL+Shift+C.
  • The commands in the warning message that a list contained duplicate entries had no effect, regardless of whether Yes or No was chosen.
  • After closing the full screen window, the PDF was not displayed in the preview pane again.
  • References couldn’t be duplicated by copying and pasting them using Ctrl+V and Ctrl+V.
  • Text formatting in quotations was lost if a reference was copied to a new project by clicking References > Copy or move to a Citavi project.
  • If an attachment was renamed with a short title and the corresponding reference did not have a short title, the file had an additional file extension added to it.
  • When using a saved search, the search form did not display the names the user had chosen for custom fields.
  • In the Task Planner’s Advanced selection, it was not possible to filter by library.
  • Renaming a saved search caused an error to occur.
  • A saved search that contained task status fields could not be used as a filter.
  • On the Quotations, Comments tab, groups could not be selected with a click.
  • Task lists could not be printed or saved.
  • When exporting to EndNote only the contents of Custom Field 1 were exported.
  • When starting Citavi the error "ProcessDpiAwareness" could occur under Windows 7 and 8 after a Microsoft update to .NET Framework 4.7.
  • The grouping option All categories with their references sorted references by name rather than category.
  • If the Sort by field (Under Lists > Persons and Organizations) was filled out, it was not used for the sorting in the bibliography if organization names were used as the sorting criteria.


  • The Chrome Picker commands Cancel selection and Select all did not work.
  • The Display notifications option prevented the Chrome Picker from sending documents displayed in the Chrome Viewer to Citavi.

Word Add-In

  • Digital signature of the file has expired.
  • Word would sometimes crash when fields were converted to reference placeholders.
  • RefWorks' Write-N-Cite fields could not be converted to Citavi fields.
  • Not all EndNote fields were converted under certain circumstances (fields in fields).
  • When inserting many categories and knowledge items the incorrect styles were applied and knowledge items were not inserted completely.
  • When inserting knowledge items and categories using Citavi’s Word Add-In, an empty paragraph with the same heading style was inserted if a footnote style was selected.
  • After every insertion of a reference or knowledge item with Citavi's Word Add-In, Word's status bar would flicker one or two times.
  • Multiple display problems on 4K monitors.

Citation Style Editor

  • If a template for a particular reference type was based on another reference type, it was still possible to insert a new template.
  • It was not possible to suppress the author in multiple citations in the following formats: "Author (Year, Quotation page range)" and "Author (Year), Quotation page range".
  • The electronic locations for the "Locations" component were inserted in a shortened format in the bibliography.

Citavi DBServer Manager

  • When importing a local project into an SQL project using the DBServer Manager, groups and import groups were lost.

Known Issues
Using a reference number style in Citavi’s Word Add-In may, if all of the following circumstances are met, lead to the numbers not being recalculated automatically:
First, choosing a citation style in Citavi’s Word Add-In which assigns the numbers throughout the text according to the order in which citations were made. Second, inserting a citation that is placed between two other citations. Third, the inserted citation is within five characters of a previously placed citation.
This will result in reference numbers not being numbered sequentially, and can be fixed in Citavi’s Word Add-In by clicking Refresh (screenshot).

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